23 kwietnia 2021
Spaniard on speedway tracks. Meet the story of Hector Crespo (interview)

Hector Crespo was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. He could have become a footballer of a great club – Real Madrid, but he has decided to focus on motorsport. Today he competes on tracks in Australia, where he also lives.

Bastian Borke: I will work harder and do my best to impress the Danish manager (interview)

Bastian Borke races in his home country – Denmark and on tracks in Germany. In 2019, he went on a tour around Australia. He believes that all this will soon pay off with a contract in Polish league.

Lars Zandvliet: If some club would call me I would go for 100%! (interview)

Lars Zandvliet is one of the few Dutch riders that is still racing in classic speedway. In an interview with our portal, the 29-year-old talks about the beginning of his career, current results and the future of Dutch speedway.

Špela Rogelj: Speedway have a complete other format of competing then ski jumping (interview)

The inauguration of PGE Ekstraliga at the belt, the end of the ski jumping season is even closer. During the short break before the end of the season in Nizhny Tagil and Tchaikovsky, Špela Rogelj found some time for us. The nearly 27-year-old athlete is known as one of the world’s leading jumpers.

Bruce Cribb: I was eating a hamburger and as riders went past, they filled my burger with dirt (interview)

Bruce Cribb is the only New Zealander to have ever raced on the ice speedway. In an interview for twojportalzuzlowy.pl, the ex-rider talks about his career and tells us, if Bartosz Zmarzlik has a chance to become the next Ivan Mauger.

Michael Jepsen Jensen: Nobody gets born as a world champion (interview)

Michael Jepsen Jensen has signed with ROW Rybnik in November. 'Liglad' told twojportalzuzlowy.pl about his previous as well as next season.

Former ice speedway rider from Poland: Success was close, but Igor will be the champion of the world

Ice speedway in Poland had its ups and downs. Unfortunately there were more negative moments. Currently more and more is done in order to build a track for ice speedway gladiators in Poland.

Sam Jensen: There is no place, I would rather be

Brady Kurtz, Max Fricke, Frederik Jakobsen – what do these riders have in common? They all took part in the final of Individual World Championship in 80cc category in 2012. The tournament had a different hero though. Sam Jensen was the one, who managed to win the title. In 2021 season the Dane will be competing in his home country and SGB Championship.

Roni Niemelä: It feels really good that people have faith in me (interview)

Roni Niemelä is one of the young hopes of the Finnish speedway. The 17-year-old rider has already won a silver medal in the National Junior Championship and is on the threshold of a big career. Certainly this year many fans will hear more about him.

Female Speedway Riders – Jacqui Mauger: I had been surrounded by speedway bikes my whole life (interview)

There is no speedway fan in the world who didn’t hear about Ivan Mauger. Hardly anyone knows, however, that his niece Jacqui did also compete in speedway. In an interview for our portal she has told us about her career and her successes.

Henry Atkins: I am very lucky to have two very experienced riders in the team (interview)

The Plymouth Gladiators will take part this season in the SGB Championship. The promotores have already announced the names of the three riders – Bjarne Pedersen, Jason Crump and Henry Atkins.

Anže Grmek: Unfortunately, speedway in Slovenia is in decline a bit. It is struggling for survival… (interview)

The Slovenian speedway is currently associated with Matej Žagar. Young Anže Grmek is following in the footsteps of the participant of the FIM Speedway Grand Prix series. He has already shown some good performances, and in Slovenia they believe that he can be their hope for the future.