14 maja 2021
Female Speedway Riders – Nella Änkiläinen: This sport also needs girls (interview)

In our new series „Female Speedway Riders” we will talk to the women present in the world of speedway. We will interview those who raced in the past, but also those who continue to do so. In the first episode we will talk with Nella Änkiläinen.

Zane Keleher: I am also coaching some young speedway riders and I really enjoy it (interview)

For Zane Keleher, last season was going to be a major breakthrough. Australian has quit his job after twelve years and was supposed to race his first entire league season for Poole Pirates.

Jack Thomas: I would love to race with all of the top riders (interview)

For nearly 22 years old Jack Thomas, 2021 season will be the first year of competing outside his home in the United Kingdom. He was signed by the first league (second division) Orzeł Łódź, where he’ll fight for the place in the squad.

Grand Prix is returning to Terenzano. Paco Castagna: It’s a big step forward for Italian Speedway

After eight years Speedway Grand Prix is returning to Italy. On 24th of April the best riders in the world will begin their quest for the title in Terenzano. One of the riders, who knows every inch of that track is Paco Castagna.

Broc Nicol: I know I have big shoes to fill (interview)

Broc Nicol is making more and more impact on European speedway. In 2020 season speedway rider from the United States was supposed to race in SGB Premiership (Wolverhampton Wolves) and SGB Championship (Glasgow Tigers). Unfortunately due to the pandemic, the leagues were cancelled and our guest had to change his plans.

Jitendra Duffill: British Speedway must now find a way to move forward (interview)

Jitendra Duffill is a promoter for Redcar Bears Speedway (SGB Championship). In an interview for TwojPortalZuzlowy.pl he tells us about recently finished „Bears Ben Fund Run”, approaching AGM and his take on future of British Speedway.

Daniel Andersson: My dad was the one who made me start riding (interview)

Daniel Andersson in an interview for TwojPortalZuzlowy.pl tells about the beginning of his career, racing in Poland and about his son who will follow his path.

Aki Ala-Riihimäki: My wife Nina has also been riding ice speedway (interview)

Aki Ala-Riihimäki was one of the pleasant surprises of the European Ice Speedway Championships Final. The Finnish rider may only regret his final run when he fell, while being in the lead and ahead of Franz Zorn.

Patrick Hansen: Personally I also feel that I’ve got a lot to prove (interview)

Patrick Hansen joined 1st division’s TŻ Ostrovia Ostrów for the 2021 campaign. He said us about the team change in Poland as well as he sumed up this year.

Andreas Smedegaard: I am fully excited to take on to another role within the speedway (interview)

Andreas Smedegaard is probably the youngest speedway team leader. In an interview he told us a little bit about his career and a new challenge that awaits him with the start of the 2021 season.

Jye Etheridge: I will not be travelling back to Australia (interview)

In next season Jye Etheridge will be scoring points for the german team competing in polish second league – MSC Wölfe Wittstock. In an interview with our website Twój Portal Żużlowy, he explains the reasons behind this signing and talks about tough 2020 season during which he took part in only two meetings.

Luca Bauer: I drove as if it were my first races in my life

Name Bauer is already well-known in the world of ice speedway. For many years german fans were amazed by stunning performances of Günther Bauer. Last Sunday in Tomaszow Mazowiecki we could see in action his son – Luca. Rider from Germany, that starts with italian licence, have managed to score 5 points, which gave him 11th place.