14 maja 2021
Jiří Wildt: It was not a perfect performance from me (interview)

Jiří Wildt managed to score four points by and finish twelfth in the Sunday’s European Ice Speedway Championships. After the meeting, we managed to talk with the Gladiator from Czech Republic.

Atte Suolammi: Track was good but I was lacking some skill to drive on such a long one (interview)

Atte Suolammi was the youngest participant if the Sunday’s European Championship. Just sixteen years old Finnish rider scored one point, but as he said, he wasn’t expected to reach good result. Follow us to read a short interview with Atte.

Mike Hack: I am hopeful that we can stage the competition next year in Australia

The 2021 Cycle Speedway World Championships are scheduled in Adelaide, Australia. The ICSF’s General Secretary hopes the event will be possible to run Down Under, but he also works on a plan 'B'.

James Shanes: I was a different person by the end of the four months

This year season in United Kingdom was unfortunately postponed. We all know the reason – pandemic. Due to this situation, many riders were forced to lock their bikes in garage and look for different sources of income. One of them was James Shanes, who during last few months was… working on a farm.