In next season Jye Etheridge will be scoring points for the german team competing in polish second league – MSC Wölfe Wittstock. In an interview with our website Twój Portal Żużlowy, he explains the reasons behind this signing and talks about tough 2020 season during which he took part in only two meetings.

Konrad Cinkowski (Twój Portal Żużlowy): What are you doing now in this dark, pandemic times?
Jye Etheridge (MSC Wölfe Wittstock): I am currently working through this pandemic as I have been during all these years, as a builder.

– This year you appeared in Europe in just two meetings. What can you say about them?
– I had two meetings this year and I was disappointed with one of them, because of how I raced. Having so much time off the bike didn’t help but then my second meeting wasn’t too bad. I dropped a couple of points when I shouldn’t have, but it wasn’t a bad performance.

– Can such a year discourage people from taking part in this sport?
– I think having a year out can affect some riders, but I am more than ready to get back racing full time in 2021. Working all year has made me want it even more.

– The season in Australia has already started. Do you already know how many tournaments will you start in?
– Yes the season in Australia has started but I will not be travelling back to Australia. I am staying put in the UK because I have a fiancée here and in these times I don’t want to risk missing another season due to limited flights from Australia.

– What do you think about cancelling the Australian Championship?
– Yes I think it’s the right thing to do as many riders are staying in Europe. It would mean that half the field, that usually races in the championship, would be missing.

– In November you’ve signed a contract in MSC Wölfe Wittstock. Why did you choose this club?
– I chose this club because I want to be racing all the time. I get on well with Frank (Mauer) and I got the ball rolling.

– Are you guaranteed a certain number of matches?
– I am not guaranteed a certain amount of matches but I should hopefully prove myself to be in the team every week.

– How many clubs were interested in a contract with you? Do you think they were serious?
– I had spoken to a few clubs in the 2nd league but I think most of them had their main riders and just wanted me in the squad as a back up. I don’t want to be sitting on the bench.

– Fraser Bowes is also part of Wittstock team. Tell us about this young rider.
– I don’t know to much about Fraser but I have seen him around the tracks since he was a junior and I’m sure he has come a long way.

– It often happens that Australians starting in one country are sticking together and create something resembling a family. For example in Leszno where we have Kurtz, Lidsey, Rew and Gillmore. Can Bowes count on help from his new „older brother”?
– Yeah I will always give Fraser a hand if he needs it. I know what it’s like being over the other side of the world, away from your family. It is tough and any help is massive.

– Did you have any offers from UK or Sweden, Denmark etc?
– Yes I am talking with clubs in the UK and I have signed a contract in Denmark. I want to be on the bike as much as possible.

– Do you have any goals for next year?
– Yes I do have some goals. One is to have the highest average in each team I ride for. I also want to show how far I have come and I want to keep progressing further with my career.

– Is there anything that we didn’t talk about but it’s important for you?
– I would like to thank all my sponsors for everything they did for me, sticking by me and continuing their support into 2021: Chris Fairburn Properties, FTS, Mynefit, RL Smith Skip Hire, George Hepburn Building, Shannon Etheridge, Billy Mcconnell.

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