Jiří Wildt managed to score four points by and finish twelfth in the Sunday’s European Ice Speedway Championships. After the meeting, we managed to talk with the Gladiator from Czech Republic.

Konrad Cinkowski (Twój Portal Żużlowy): You’re not a well known rider in Poland. Before we start, please say something about you.
– I was born and I still live in Prague. I am 26 years old. I am a water engineer and I have a degree from Czech Technical University in Prague. I work as a designer of water structures.

– When and where did you get the idea to become an ice speedway gladiator?
– I am riding on motocross since I was 11. One year my dad was working as a mechanic for one of the czech riders and I have realized that this type of sport could be a good winter preparation for motocross season. It was 3-4 years ago. After some time ice speedway became more important and it remains so until today.

– Have you ever tried any speedway?
– Yes I have tried. My friend Ondřej Smetana did lend me his bike. I realized that it is not as easy as it may look.

– What can you say about your performance in Tomaszów Mazowiecki?
– It was not a perfect performance from me, but I am quite satisfied if we look who did I race against. Many riders from here are participating in the Grand Prix races.

– What do you think about the organization of this competition and the preparation of the track?
– Organizators had no experience with ice speedway on a stadium, but in my opinion they did it very well. I think that the ice was very good. There was a little problem in the pit area. There wasn’t enough space for everybody to feel comfortable and the corridor in the pits was too narrow. When you go on the track and some riders still need to get off the track there must be a person who is keeping watch on the chaos.

– Should anything be improved in the track preparation to make the event even better in march?
– I know there is a little space for riders and for the pit area. Maybe next time there could be tents outside. It could be a better solution.

– Do you already know if you will have a chance to improve your result in March or will the nomination go to other riders?
– No, I do not know what will be even next week…

– What are your plans for the next weeks then?
– We will see about the covid situation. We would like to go somewhere for longer training and then we will wait for the ice in the Czech Republic.

– Do you think that something can be organized in the Czech Republic in January or February?
– I don’t know. In this situation, I think nobody want to organize the race without spectators.

– What do you think about the recent condition of ice speedway in your homeland and do you see some positives for the future?
– I have learned something about the sun cyclus at the university. The cyclus lasts 8 years so I believe, that we can still have races even in the Czech Republic in following seasons.

– What about the places where you can race?
– In current situation I can’t race anywhere. Last years I have participated in few races in Sweden, German Championship in Berlin and a free race in Heerenveen.

– In your opinion, does the ice speedway only survive if it is moved to the suitable indoor stadiums? Let’s face it, global warming and the lack of frosts is spoiling your plans a lot… Currently you can find acceptable weather conditions only in Russia…
– In my opinion no. In the Czech Republic certainly not, because we don’t have any suitable indoor stadiums.

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