Name Bauer is already well-known in the world of ice speedway. For many years german fans were amazed by stunning performances of Günther Bauer. Last Sunday in Tomaszow Mazowiecki we could see in action his son – Luca. Rider from Germany, that starts with italian licence, have managed to score 5 points, which gave him 11th place.

Before last Sunday event Luca Bauer was hoping to get another podium finisher like in Ufa. Unfortunately in Tomaszow Mazowiecki he didn’t manage to finisz in top 10. – Last year I did win a bronze medal, but unfortunately my performance in Tomaszow was very bad. I drove as if it were my first races in my life – said rider from Germany.

Great performance in 2019 Individual European Championship have definitely set the bar high for young rider. Last Sunday event proved to be much tougher experience. – Yes, unfortunately I know. I often have very bad races in which I drive like I had never driven before, but also I have very good races like last year in the european championship. I don’t know why is that – added Luca Bauer.

High temperatures in Europe are making things difficult for riders to find suitable venues to train on. – We will go to Sweden for training when it will get cold there. Currently it is to warm.

In march Tomaszow Mazowiecki will host another round of Individual European Championship. German rider with italian licence hopes he will get another chance to improve his score. – If I will be able to come I will definitely want to improve my score – assured Bauer.

Tomaszow Mazowiecki was hosting such an important event for the first time. Many riders that performed on Sunday were very pleased with the event and organization. They also gave some feedback what can be done to improve next tourneaments. Our interlocutor also has a small advice. – The track and the stadium are very nice and well organized. I think only the track cleaning needs to be improved – summed up Luca Bauer.

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