Patricia Erhart: My goal is to earn a living for at least one year out of my speedway racing (interview)

Germany is probably the country with the biggest amount of female speedway riders. 17-year-old Patricia Erhart is following in the footsteps of her older friends, such as Celina Liebmann.

Ace Pijper: One more year to try and reach the top (interview)

The fans who were following the recent competitions in the 250cc class, were noticing many names known from the speedway tracks. In the World Championships and the European Cup we could see such familiar names like: Pedersen, Paluch or Pijper.

Villads Pedersen: I traded my pacifier for the bike (interview)

Denmark has been famous for many years for its excellent training on the level of mini speedway. Recently, a lot has been written about the successes of Mikkel Andersen, and a few equally talented boys are trained under the supervision of Erik Gundersen. Among them is Villads Pedersen.

Anton Rosen: I didn’t believe that I was as good as I supposedly was (interview)

He was a big hope for the future of the Swedish speedway and was expected to follow in the footsteps of Tony Rickardsson. Surprisingly, Anton Rosen has disappeared from the speedway tracks very quickly. What is he up to now?

Thomas Madawan Sørensen: I dream about competing with Sri Lankan licence (interview)

We currently have plenty of riders from exotic countries competing in speedway. One of them is Thomas Madawan Sørensen, who was born in Denmark and resides there now, but his roots go back to Sri Lanka.

Piia Mäkelä: First time when I saw a speedway bike, I thought – wow what a smell and sound! (interview)

Piia Mäkelä is one of over 100 women who ride speedway. A resident of Finland Seinäjoki tells that that has some dreams related with speedway, and one of them it trip to United Kingdom on Woman Speedway Day.

He returned after 9 years. Greg Blair is enjoying his speedway

Unfortunately National Development League is not very popular in the Polish media. In my opinion it is a big mistake. There is no shortage of exciting meetings and interesting characters in British third tier. Today we will get to know one of them better. Introducing Greg Blair.

Mike Buman: If I had the equipment and the resources to go racing outside the United Kingdom… (interview)

Ten years ago, he was one of the hopes for the future of American speedway. Polish clubs were showing some interest in him, but Mike Buman has never signed a contract in our country. Why and what is he doing today? Join us in an interview with a Flat Track rider.

Mariuxi Taranto. Ecuadorian at the speedway track

Ecuador and speedway? Why not. Mariuxi Taranto was born in Ecuador, but she tried speedway for the first time in California. Later, she had a large number of training sessions in Switzerland and Italy. Join us in an interview with Taranto.

Spaniard on speedway tracks. Meet the story of Hector Crespo (interview)

Hector Crespo was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. He could have become a footballer of a great club – Real Madrid, but he has decided to focus on motorsport. Today he competes on tracks in Australia, where he also lives.

Bastian Borke: I will work harder and do my best to impress the Danish manager (interview)

Bastian Borke races in his home country – Denmark and on tracks in Germany. In 2019, he went on a tour around Australia. He believes that all this will soon pay off with a contract in Polish league.

Lars Zandvliet: If some club would call me I would go for 100%! (interview)

Lars Zandvliet is one of the few Dutch riders that is still racing in classic speedway. In an interview with our portal, the 29-year-old talks about the beginning of his career, current results and the future of Dutch speedway.

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